Build Biology

Build Biology

2 Seasons
34 Episodes

Not all cars (or owners) are born to kill tires in our Yard. When that’s the case, we pull them into our world-famous Donut Garage and nerd out on every aspect of these intense builds. Learn about everything from how 1000+ horsepower cars keep from blowing up, to how onboard suspension conversion works on a 911 - and everything in between.



Season 1

Season 2

Home-Built Track Monster Miata: FAST Frankenstein Build!

Season 2, Episode 19

Twin Turbo Widebody Track Smashing NSX on Wide Slicks: Global Time Attack Animal!!

Season 2, Episode 18

Bulletproof 600hp RB25-Powered S14: Ryan Litteral's Rowdy Drift Car

Season 2, Episode 17

The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? 7 foot wide, 700hp, 10,000rpm Track Ripper

Season 2, Episode 16

AWD Swapped Turbo Honda Civic EF Party Wagon!

Season 2, Episode 15

6 Second, 210mph Steel Bodied Beast: '56 Drag Chevy aka The Creamsicle

Season 2, Episode 14

Ken Block's Hoonitruck: Twin Turbo, AWD, 914hp, and Ready to Party in Gymkhana TEN

Season 2, Episode 13

213mph Blitz R34 Skyline GTR: The Infamous Autobahn Legend!

Season 2, Episode 12

7 Second Drag Challenger, From the Factory!?

Season 2, Episode 11

Skyline GTR Swapped Subaru WRX... and it's Still All Wheel Drive!?

Season 2, Episode 11

Ken Block's 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2: Straight from Gymkhana TEN!

Season 2, Episode 10

Twin Turbo'd and V6 Swapped S2000: Not your average S2K!!

Season 2, Episode 9

Zac's Interior Burnout Machine/Harley Daily Gets Fully Upgraded

Season 2, Episode 8

Is this the Cleanest Turbo Integra Ever? Rywire Impresses us Once Again

Season 2, Episode 8

How is This Street Legal?? Bad Daddy Braddy's 1000hp LS T-Bucket

Season 2, Episode 7

Ultimate Squarebody Street Truck? 600+ hp Supercharged LS '86 Silverado That Handles, Too.

Season 2, Episode 6

World Challenge Evo Racecar Gone Wild! 680hp, Widebody, and Track Ready

Season 2, Episode 5

Frankenstein V8 240z Build: 5 year Track/Street Project is Almost Too Nice to Race

Season 2, Episode 4

460mph and 2,620 Horsepower!? LS Powered Landspeed Record Crusher

Season 2, Episode 3

0-60mph in Under 2 Seconds!? Under the Hood of the 600hp AWD Ford Focus RS RX Rallycross Car

Season 2, Episode 2

200mph Wheel Speed Burnout car: 600hp Methanol V8 ULEGAL Corolla

Season 2, Episode 1