Social Media Manager for Hoonigan Racing Division


  • Manage all of Hoonigan Racing’s social media channels to maximize subscribers, views, and engagements to meet and exceed expectations for sponsors.
  • Write, design, produce, schedule, and deliver posts to Hoonigan Racing’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Work closely with Hoonigan Racing and Hoonigan Media Machine content creators to receive the content and messaging that needs to be published and scheduled.
  • Have a full understanding of the Hoonigan Racing Division and Hoonigan brands, channels, and sponsors; and being able to translate that understanding into appropriate visual content for distribution on Hoonigan Racing social media channels and Hoonigan.
  • Learn to write and understand the required tone, messaging, and reasoning behind posts for Hoonigan Racing and their sponsors.
  • Help in producing projects in which content will be created around, including (but not limited to): location scouting, team scheduling, and identifying necessary equipment for the specific project.
  • Collaborate with the sponsorship agent and account manager, as well as Hoonigan’s creative directors and producers to create and distribute such posts and comments.
  • Manage an editorial calendar, including regular publishing for posts and comments tied to Hoonigan Racing Division’s activities - as well as specific schedules around marketing campaigns.
  • Manage the reporting calendar, including delivery of regular analytics and reports tied to ongoing activities - as well as specific analytics around marketing campaigns.
  • Fully understand audience growth, demographics, engagement, reach, conversions and negative feedback to identify and address issue and risks and pursue opportunities and improvements.
  • Monitor trends in social media: emerging platforms, helpful tools, updates and changes to current platforms, etc.
  • Pursue ongoing education and training (including self training) to improve process and results.


  • College degree in media or marketing desired, but not necessary.
  • High school diploma required.


  • 3+ years of creative writing, whether in print or online.
  • 3+ years designing, creating, scheduling, delivering, and managing social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Writing skills; especially in understanding and learning the company tone, lexicon, and general messaging.
  • Knowledge of automotive industry and/or action sports is required.
  • In depth knowledge, skills, and experience in strategy on social media platforms: what their audiences are, and when and how to strategically use each.
  • Best practices for designing, creating, scheduling, delivering and managing social media posts on Facebook and Instagram – including how to best combine content and copy.
  • Best practices and techniques for identifying and converting target audience into subscribers, views, and engagements.
  • Best practices for leveraging organic posts vs. paid posts to drive traffic, and the effect of each.
  • Best practices for driving conversion from social media views and engagements to purchases.
  • Best practices for integrating products/sponsors organically into content and copy.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Experience working with international audiences.


  • Experience working with Facebook as a content platform for a business: scheduling posts, using analytics, creating ads, etc.
  • Experience working with Instagram as a content platform for a business: leveraging links in Stories/IGTV, using analytics, creating ads, etc.
  • Experience working with Twitter as a content platform for a business: using analytics, interacting with sponsors, etc.
  • Video production skills: scheduling, organizing, and working with various outside sources in order to help facilitate photo/video shoots.


  • Self-starter in a dynamic, fast paced environment.
  • Strong communicator and collaborator.
  • Able to manage time and expectations.
  • Creative thinker, with creative solutions to problems that may arise.

INTERESTS: Personal interest in automotive, action sports and travel required


  • Los Angeles, CA (must be local)
  • or Park City, UT (moving / relocation bonus may be provided for qualified individuals)

Travel will be minor, with only being needed on big sponsor campaigns or times of heavy social campaigns where working with the team in person is necessary.

Hoonigan Racing Divison offers competitive salaries based on prior experience. Base salary, plus annual bonus based on company and individual performance.

Medical, dental, vision, disability and life – partially paid for by company

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