Scrapyard C4 Corvette C4 Gets Rescued + Custom Cut Door Panels!

Staff Inspection : Season 1, Episode 44

October 05, 2019

Special Thanks to Holley for breathing life into this thing!

After one of the most infamous handshakes of all times - our shreditor Kyle inherited this diamond in the rough C4 Corvette, under one stipulation: that he bring the thing back to life. But this is no restoration show... this is a show about each staff member making their cars more dope than before. So Kyle does what he does best: plasma cutting some custom door panels.

Parts List:
Flowtech Exhaust -
Optispark -
Spark Plug Wire Set -
Coil Pack -
Headers -
Valve Covers -

Special Thanks to Falken Tire

Look Good

THRUST long sleeve $ 37.95 USD
DONUT GARAGE woven ss from $ 44.95 USD $ 49.95 USD
DONUT GARAGE woven ls from $ 49.95 USD $ 54.95 USD