Reviving our Editor's Junker C4 Corvette, Can it be Saved?

Staff Inspection : Season 1, Episode 45

October 12, 2019

Bad things happen when you do the wrong things to a car. But you know what's even worse? Not doing anything to a car at all. This 'ol C4 Corvette that our shreditor Kyle picked up for peanuts needs a whole lot of TLC and parts to get it running strong again. But when it does, you best believe it'll be rad.

Special Thanks to Holley!

Spark Plugs -

Coils -

Wire Set -

Headers -

Valve Covers -

Flowtech Exhaust -

Optispark -

Injectors -

Radiator -

Special Thanks to Falken Tire

Special Thanks to Vansteel

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