Can-Am Wakesurf Slingshot?? Ken Block's Guide to Awesome Can-Am Riding Spots: Lake Powell, Utah

Ken Block - Life Outside of Racing : Season 1, Episode 14

September 05, 2019

Lake Powell is one of my favorite places on earth - it's got beachfront camping, giant cliffs, great trails, and amazing zones to boat and go wakeboarding in. BUT, I've never brought a Can-Am on one of these trips - so we packed up the Maverick X3 and found the perfect spot to post up with the house boat. Along with none other than Mr. Zac from the Hoonigans. Enjoy!

Essential Hoonigan gear

HRD19 CBAR crew fleece $ 39.95 USD $ 59.95 USD
HRD19 AINT CARE crew fleece $ 39.95 USD $ 59.95 USD