THIS Ford Bronco Won a $5000 Burnout Competition??

Daily Transmission : Season 1, Episode 48

August 26, 2019

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Who says spinning all four wheels has to be more expensive than two?? Ryan Hauf (@ryhauf) shows us that all it really takes is some good 'ol Ford V8 power, some balls, and an old Ford Bronco shell from your backyard. This dude blew our minds with his Aintcare attitude during the Hoonigan Burnout Nats $5000 competition in the Burnyard, and earned himself a spot in Daily Transmission history.

Hoonigan Essentials

SPEEDWAY trucker hat $ 24.95 USD
SCHNEIDER ss tee $ 24.95 USD
ELEVEN TENTHS ss tee $ 24.95 USD
CENSOR BAR ss tee $ 24.95 USD