BIG Turbo 500+hp Galant VR-4, AKA the Mitsubishi Evo's Grandfather

Auto Focus Channel : Season 1, Episode 42

August 20, 2019

Before the Mitsubishi Evo, there was another venerated AWD turbo'd sedan in the DSM lineup: the Galant VR-4. AWD, 4G63 powered, and relatively light compared to any modern sheetmetal. While this car may look unassuming to most, it comes with some proper rally pedigree and a serious 500+ engine build. And SO MANY TURBO NOISES.

Essential Hoonigan gear

HOONIGAN BRACKET lunch bag $ 19.95 USD
BRACKET shoulder bag $ 49.95 USD
METAL BAR backpack $ 99.95 USD
CENSOR BAR backpack $ 49.95 USD