Hawk Brake Kits (Front Wheel Brake Kit) | Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class 3.0L V6 (2006-2008)

Vendor: Hawk
SKU: HKC4808.504F

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  • Push your braking performance to the limit with Hawk Brake Kits
  • Custom-designed to replace your factory pads and rotors
  • Powerful braking that won’t trigger your ABS
  • Deliver a firmer, sportier pedal feel with precise, predictable control
  • Unique ferro-carbon composite pad material fights brake fade
  • Pairing produces minimal dust and fresh pad surface for consistent performance and pedal feel
  • Designed to maintain a quiet and cooler rotor surface
  • Include your choice of street-race ready brake pads and Talon brake rotors
  • Ceramic Brake Pads:
    – Coated to ward off rust for enhanced durability
    – Provide more grip and less noise and vibration
    – Burnished for faster bed-in times
    – Intricate surface slot design gives your stopping better bite and gas venting even in wet weather
  • Street 5.0 Brake Pads:
    – Designed for street and race use
    – Withstand harsher conditions and heavy use
  • HPS Brake Pads:
    – Made for quiet and smooth driving
    – Race-inspired
  • LTS Brake Pads:
    – Carbon composite pads
    – Perfect for your truck or SUV
    – Designed for minimal dust and noise
  • Sold in pairs for front or rear wheels
Faster stops, cleaner rims and quieter operation all come standard with a Hawk Brake Kit. Made custom as a direct replacement for your stock pads and rotors, this tough brake kit not only offers powerful braking that won’t trigger your ABS, but it also delivers a firm pedal feel that gives you full control of your ride.

Noise and dust are kept to a minimum, while brake fade is no threat thanks to ferro-carbon composite pads Included in your kit are high-performance rotors and your choice of brake pad – choose from ceramic, Street 5.0, LTS or HPS. Your Hawk Brake Kit is sold in pairs for front or rear wheels and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.