H&R Touring Cup Spring & Shock Kit (Touring Cup Spring & Shock Kit) | Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L 4-cyl (1994-2013)

Vendor: H&R
SKU: 31016T-1

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  • Revamp your suspension with the all-in-one H&R Touring Cup Spring & Shock Kit
  • Custom configured with matching springs and shocks
  • Drops your ride height down an average of 1.5”
    (varies depending on your specific vehicle)
  • Lowers center of gravity for road-hugging performance
  • Dramatically cuts body roll for snappier steering response and tighter cornering
  • Progressive spring rates stay soft when you’re taking it slow and stiffen up when you add some heat to your gas pedal
  • Tightens up the gap between your tires and wheel wells
  • Improves your aerodynamics for lower wind resistance
  • Includes front & rear springs and shocks
  • Built and tested in Germany
  • Your H & R Touring Suspension Kit is backed by a Lifetime Defect Warranty
Piecing together a meal of your favorite dishes from the a la carte menu is a great idea. Building up your suspension from a hodgepodge of components is questionable. If you want your handling to hold tight right out of the gate, go with the H&R Touring Cup Spring & Shock Kit. It's custom configured with both lowering springs and shocks that are tuned to pair perfectly with your year, make and model.

Born and bred to work in tandem, the H&R Touring Spring and Shock Kit is a unified system that delivers the ultimate blend of performance and ride quality. It drops your height 1.5" on average, plunging your center of gravity down to the pavement for less body roll, tighter handling and reduced wind drag. And since the springs feature a progressive response rate, they stay smooth when you're cruising but grow stiffer when you start flexing your lead foot.

Performance aside, your H&R Touring Shock & Spring Set also leaves your land shark with a streamlined stance that is sure to announce your presence. Each piece is manufactured in Germany to H&R's strict quality standards and backed by their Lifetime Defect Warranty.