Edge Evolution CS2 Programmer (Gasoline Engine) | Ford F-150 - Lariat (2020)

Vendor: Edge
SKU: 85350

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  • Take your ride from weak to wild with an Edge Evolution CS2 Programmer
  • Packed with tunes for mileage, towing, daily driving and performance
  • User can operate the full-color, high-resolution 2.4” screen with an innovative six-button control panel
  • Programmer allows you to adjust shift-points, firmness, speedometer and rev limiter, in addition to managing torque fuel pressure
  • Choose from multiple backgrounds and gauges, and customize the scheme via the color mixer
  • Features a single HDMI-style plug for linking accessories and setting up online updates
  • Low-profile casing is designed to take up minimal cab space
  • Advanced programmer and monitor available for both gas and diesel engines
  • Your Edge Evolution CS2 Programmer carries a 1-year warranty
The factory settings on your vehicle are set to satisfy a wide range of drivers… but you’re not just any driver. Free the beast waiting under your hood with an Edge Evolution CS2 Programmer. This high-tech tuner is equipped with innovative features which allow you to dial-in your ride for any kind of driving – from fuel-efficient daily driving to top-notch towing performance.

Available for both gas and diesel vehicles, the Edge Evo CS2 is custom-tuned for your specific ride with multiple power levels to adjust shift-points and firmness, speedometers and rev limiters. All this while managing torque and fuel pressure.

The Evolution CS2 Tuner features an advanced six-button control panel, which makes it easy to monitor all your vital engine data and more from the 2.4” high-res color screen. Switch between multiple backgrounds and gauges with the color mixer for a truly one-of-a-kind Edge Evolution CS2 Flash Tuner. A single HDMI-style plug is used for power, linking your other EAS accessories and available online updates. Your Edge Evolution CS2 Power Programmer is backed by a 1-year warranty.