EBC Brake Kits (Front Set - Premium Rotors) | GMC Savana 4.3L V6 (1996-2010)

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  • Maintain your stopping system with an EBC Brake Kit
  • Direct-fit replacement pads and rotors offer quick, easy installation
  • Avid racer or daily driver – this kit is available for a wide range of applications
  • Each EBC Brake Kit offers vehicle-specific brake pad and rotor options that vary based on your application requirements
  • Yellowstuff Street and Track Pad Features:
    – Designed for street, race and drift racing
    – Perfect for fast driving thanks to zero brake-fade
    – Withstand repeated heavy brake use
  • Redstuff Brake Pad Features:
    – Ceramic brake pads specific for passenger or saloon cars
    – Boasts lowest dust and 15% brake improvement
    – ECE R 90 type approved for most applications
  • Ultimax2 Brake Pad Features:
    – Manufactured with 100% eco-friendly materials
    – Fully R 90 approved and perfect for daily use
    – Withstand hot and cold climates
  • Bluestuff NDX Race Brake Pad Features:
    – Trackday pads are produced from high friction sport and race materials
    – Multi-piston system and larger rotors offer better release and cooling
    – Not road-legal for EU markets where R90 is required
  • EBC Orangestuff race brake pads are available for use with any kit option
  • Sold separately in your choice of front or rear kit
  • Your EBC Brake Kits come with a 1-year warranty on rotors and a 6-month warranty on pads
When it comes to vehicle maintenance, few systems are as important as your brakes. Don’t settle for dealership prices that leave your pockets light on cash—go for the simple, DIY option offered by an EBC Brake Kit.

EBC Brake Kits are designed for easy, direct-fit replacement, providing the vehicle-specific brake pads and rotors you need for a whole system overhaul. Available in several configurations to suit a range of vehicle applications, these performance brake kits make finding the right parts a no-brainer.

Choose from Yellowstuff or Bluestuff brake pads if you frequent the racetrack or go for Ultimax2 or Greenstuff brake pads if you’re a daily driver – Redstuff ceramic brake pads are also available for you.

EBC Performance Brake Kits are sold separately in your choice of front or rear kits and come backed by a 1-year warranty on rotors and a 6-month warranty on pads.

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