• BENCH WARMERS VINYL STICKER - Hoonigan's Tire Slayers sticker measures 4.5" x 2". Our Bench Warmers Premium Vinyl Sticker features a "matte/gloss" finish on one side and (spoiler alert!) extra sticky adhesive on the other. The best part? ItÕs made from 100% vinyl, making it 110% awesome.
  • STICK IT ANYWHERE - Hoonigan stickers are ideal for any smooth flat surface and less ideal for bumpy surfaces, like your sister's forehead. Made from high-quality vinyl our stickers are ultra-durable (waterproof, yo!) and peel away easily without leaving any sticky residue behind (ainÕt nobody got time for that).
  • HOON YOUR GEAR - Stickers for your bumper, and everything else. ItÕs time to upgrade your laptop, game console, skate deck, helmet, and other gear with that hard to the core Hoonigan look. Make your intentions known and let everyone know you are not to be trifled with (unless you're into that sort of action).
  • WHATS A HOONIGAN - A Hoonigan is a person who operates a motor vehicle in an aggressive and unorthodox manner, consisting of, but not limited to, drifting, burnouts, donuts as well as acts of automotive aeronautics with little-to-no mechanical symphony. If you share our passion for going fast and breaking things, then you've come to the right place.
  • MAKING CARS FUN - As Hoonigans, we have one mission and that is to make cars fun. Our Hoonigan stickers will make your car more fun and more valuable, provided you use them strategically to hide small scratches and door dings.