B&M Holeshot Torque Converter (Holeshot 2400) | Oldsmobile Cutlass - Cutlass, automatic, THM400 transmission (1968-1975)

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SKU: 20412

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  • If you’re after a quicker launch at higher rpm, take a shot on the B&M Holeshot Torque Converter
  • Boasts a wide range of quality features – including a furnace-brazed impeller and turbine, new precision steel alloy pump drive tube, turbine hub and fresh springs/rollers in stator
  • Heavy-duty needle bearings used in place of thrust washers
  • For use with engines producing up to 600 hp and 500 ft. lb. of torque
  • Your B&M 4L80E Automatic Transmission is covered by a 90-day limited warranty
You take great pride in the hard work you’ve put into your serious street machine, but when it comes to launch capability and a stronger drivetrain, there’s no end to what you can do. One of the smartest upgrades you could make – and the last, if you play your cards right – is a completely balanced, quality-crafted B&M Holeshot Torque Converter.

Allowing you to match your drivetrain configuration to the power band of your modified motor, the B&M Holeshot improves acceleration for optimal performance. Boasting a higher stall value than most TCs on the market, it comes standard with a furnace-brazed impeller and turbine, durable needle thrust bearings and new turbine hubs. It also includes a precision alloy steel pump drive tube and factory-fresh springs and rollers in the stator.

Ideally paired with engines generating as high as 600 hp and 500 ft. lb. of torque, your B&M Holeshot TC is backed by a 90-day limited warranty.