ACT Sport Pressure Plates (Sport Pressure Plates - With 10.5" Diameter) | Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 (1986-1995)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: F013S

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  • For a big step up from factory performance, retrofit your ride with an ACT Sport Pressure Plate
  • Custom engineered and dyno tested for real results on your year, make and model
  • Increases your clamp load by 10% – 30% for more pepper without the hard pedal
  • Keeps your clutch close to a stock feel or makes it moderately stiffer, depending on which ACT Disc you use
  • Fine-tuned in the lab using advanced Computer-aided Design (CAD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software
  • CNC-carved components for constant performance and a longer lifespan
  • Features ACT’s single diaphragm with an exclusive four-stage heat treatment
  • Equipped with an induction hardened throw-out bearing contact surface
  • Dynamically balanced by computer to eliminate slop at high RPMs
  • Pairs with both ACT Street and Race Discs
  • Your ACT Sport Pressure Plate includes a 90-day warranty
There's only one reason racecar drivers put up with painfully stiff clutches: they paycheck. The pros don't drive stock when they're off the track, but they're not rocking a clutch pedal that feels like rigor mortis set in, either. Find that sweet spot between performance and comfort when you upgrade to an ACT Sport Pressure Plate.

If your ride is decked out with wheelie bars, nitrous tanks and a parachute, the ACT Sport Pressure Plate is not for you. Sportier than factory plates, the ACT Sport unlocks an additional 10% – 30% in clamp load—tech speak for less slip and more torque. Best of all, it pumps up your performance while keeping your pedal mostly unchanged. Whether you're hot-lapping that empty parking lot or inching through traffic, your leg won't start to wobble and shake.

Though tuned for Main Street, ACT Sport Pressure Plates are engineered to Nurburgring-standards. Built from scratch instead of rebuilding from scraps, they're computer designed, CNC carved, heat treated, induction hardened and dyno proven—all right here in the USA. To back it all up, ACT also covers your Sport Pressure Plate with a 90-day warranty.