ACT Race Clutch Discs (Sprung Race Disc) | Subaru BRZ 2.0L 4-cyl (2013-2019)

Vendor: ACT
SKU: 6224218-1


  • Make the shift to track-grade ACT Race Clutch Discs
  • ACT’s exclusive ceramic friction material 28% more stopping strength and torque capacity than organic discs
  • Custom designed for your thoroughbred racecar
  • Withstands blistering heat, boasts an insane friction coefficient and wears out at a snail’s pace
  • Choose from three styles depending on your vehicle:
    Spring-Centered Discs feature torsional dampening springs for quieter, smoother operation
    Rigid-Hub Discs are louder but are durable enough to absorb a lot more abuse
    Full-faced Sintered Iron Discs hold the most torque and are intended for drag transmissions or clutchless shifting systems
  • Sprung and Rigid Discs come in your choice of a cooler-running 6-pad shape or a faster-shifting 4-pad design
  • Friction plates are all measured, sorted and matched for uniform thickness
  • Each disc starts with a foundation of high-carbon spring steel that’s heat treated and zinc plated to resist warping, rusting and failing
  • Broached splines ensure a positive fit and less long-term wear
  • The wraparound spring windows are reinforced to ease stress points and extend the discs’ lifespan
Out on the track, the competition always heats up on the last laps—right around the time when every system on your racecar has been pushed to the breaking point. If you want to pull ahead of the pack, your drivetrain needs the perseverance to push ahead. For lasting endurance and plenty of performance, upgrade to ACT Race Clutch Discs.

From serpentine road courses to straight-shot drag strips, there's an ACT Race Clutch Disc for any track. They're available in three distinct designs: popular Spring-centered Discs, sportier Rigid-hub Discs and even Full-faced Sintered Iron for clutch-free shifting setups. Plus, you can pick between 6 puck clutch discs for greater heat control or 4 puck clutch discs for hair-trigger shift speeds.

Quality craftsmanship and premium materials are the cornerstone of all ACT Race Clutch Discs. Custom sized for your daredevil, they feature ceramic friction material for torqued-up grip, high-carbon spring steel drive plates for warp protection and broached splines for fending off failures. What's more, these SFI-certified clutch discs are made in America and include a 90-day warranty.