Things are looking mighty professional in the UnPros Garage, as Hert's Honda K24 Powered 240SX starts looking like a car again. New aero, a fresh set of Work VS-KF johnnies, and a whole lot of fabrication work by Sergio aka J Town fab mean this thing is making leaps towards being done. What color do you think Hert is going to paint this thing?

Special thanks to: 
Animal Auto/J Town Fab

The Pop Shop

JDM of California

Garrett Motion

TF Works


Clutch Masters


Radium Engineering




HOONIGAN Essentials

HITS v2 trucker hat $ 24.95 USD
HNGN POWER ss tee $ 24.95 USD
RAPTOR SCATTER anorak $ 74.95 USD
BREWSKI ss tee $ 24.95 USD