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Auto Focus Channel

2 Seasons
227 Episodes

The Auto Focus Channel by Larry Chen



Season 1

500hp BMW M2 Goes From Daily Commuter to Pikes Peak Racer

Season 1, Episode 98

Render Artist's Real Life Dream Driver: '92 Mazda RX7 FD by Khyzyl Saleem

Season 1, Episode 97

Slam City: Top Choices at the UK's Roll Hard Show 2019

Season 1, Episode 96

Most Eclectic Car Collection This Side of Jay Leno: Juan Carlos's Miami Car Collection Part 2

Season 1, Episode 95

Supercars and Speedboats: Best Low Key Car Collection Ever, Hidden Compound in Miami

Season 1, Episode 94

Car Forums in Real Life? Caffeine and Machine is the Ultimate Car Meet Spot

Season 1, Episode 93

Jaguar E-Type That's 1JZ Swapped and Half-Cut: Badass or Blasphemy?

Season 1, Episode 92

Chopped and Swapped Classic Datsun Roadster With the Cleanest N/A SR20 Ever!

Season 1, Episode 91

70s Racing Inspired V8 Swapped Toyota Celica - AKA Tokyo Trans Am

Season 1, Episode 90

DTM Inspired Twin Turbo V8 Swapped Mercedes 190e - The Wildest Mercedes at SEMA??

Season 1, Episode 89

Is This the Best Old-School JDM Car Show in America? Cruising JCCS 2019

Season 1, Episode 88

13 Year Hakosuka Build: Crazy Detailed '71 Nissan Skyline

Season 1, Episode 87

$400 Abandoned AE86 Corolla to BEAMS Powered $100,000 SEMA Hero

Season 1, Episode 86

Team Wildcards '72 Datsun 1200 v110: a Racing-Inspired JDM Classic

Season 1, Episode 85

Wildest BMW E30 Ever? Insane Sounding Render-to-Reality, V8 Swapped E30 BMW

Season 1, Episode 84

550hp GT-R Moto... in a MINT 1972 Skyline!

Season 1, Episode 83

Blown Motors and Tandem Glory: Larry Chen vs Formula Drift Seattle

Season 1, Episode 82

Wreckage and Highlights From Formula Drift Texas 2019!

Season 1, Episode 81

JDM Parts Wonderland: Touring the Koru Works Race Shop and Warehouse!

Season 1, Episode 80

Ultimate Formula Drift Irwindale Coverage: Larry's Squad gets ALL the Shots (Part 2)

Season 1, Episode 79

Ultimate Formula Drift Irwindale Coverage: Larry's Squad gets ALL the Shots (Part 1)

Season 1, Episode 78

(Almost) Every Toyota Supra From SEMA 2019!!

Season 1, Episode 77

Two Skylines of our Dreams: Classic Hakosuka Nissan Skyline and R34 GT-R in Vegas

Season 1, Episode 76

Ford Ranger RTR Spec: Pre-SEMA Thrash!

Season 1, Episode 75

900hp RWD Honda Civic... Drift Car!? SEMA 2019 Madness Begins

Season 1, Episode 74

The Perfect Classic JDM Daily? Super Clean, 90s Spec, 1JZ Powered Toyota Cressida

Season 1, Episode 73

Wild West Photo Session With Toyo Tires: RX-7, Porsche, Baja Truck, and Much More

Season 1, Episode 72

Bangers and Highlights From Formula Drift St. Louis 2019

Season 1, Episode 71

Jay Lenos Hosts Larry Chen?? Autofocus Goes Big!

Season 1, Episode 70

Crazy Clean SR20-Powered Datsun Engine Bay: Team Wild Cards 510 Wagon

Season 1, Episode 69

Fire and Mayhem at LS Fest West!

Season 1, Episode 68

500hp RWB Porsche 911 Rips!! One of the Original Rauh-Welt Cars at Driftworks UK

Season 1, Episode 67

Lamborghini Diablos Exist in the Wild?? Plus, UK Dream Car Garage Tour

Season 1, Episode 66

A Museum Built on Taking Cars Apart?? Checking out the Haynes Collection

Season 1, Episode 65

Getting Sketchy Close at the Mint 400!

Season 1, Episode 64

Using Jay Leno's Garage as a Canon Classroom??

Season 1, Episode 63

Carnage and Highlights at Formula Drift New Jersey

Season 1, Episode 62

Toyota Hilux / Miata Chassis Swap?? Building a Shreddable Drift Pickup Truck

Season 1, Episode 61

80s BMW M3 on Bugatti Wheels... and 370 Horsepower

Season 1, Episode 60

Highlights from Gridlife Midwest 2019!

Season 1, Episode 59

Ariel Atom, AKA The Two-Person Superbike: Touring Ariel’s Factory!

Season 1, Episode 58

An AE86 For the Haters: 700hp ASCAR Swapped Drift Corolla!

Season 1, Episode 57

Gridlife Horizon: Hooning at High Elevations!

Season 1, Episode 56

Farm-Built, Diesel Swapped BMW E30 Wagon of our Dreams

Season 1, Episode 55

Custom Crafted Car Pins! Larry Gets his 240Z and Camera Car Fully Pinned

Season 1, Episode 54

All Killer no Filler at Formula Drift Atlanta!

Season 1, Episode 53

A Pro2 Drift Car... With Style?? Dustin Miles' 1JZ 240sx!

Season 1, Episode 52

Racecar Rescue: Smashed up Rare Alfa Romeo GTV6 Gets Rebuilt Into a Track Hero

Season 1, Episode 51

Throwing Sparks, Smashing Panels at Formula Drift Orlando. Behind the Scenes!

Season 1, Episode 50

The Ultimate "Sleeper" Track Rat? K20 Swapped Suzuki Swift!

Season 1, Episode 49

Season 2

700hp 2.7l Big Bore Subaru GC8 Time Attack Car Machine

Season 2, Episode 128

The Forgotten Vintage JDM Lux Cruiser: Crispy Clean ’88 Toyota Soarer

Season 2, Episode 127

Full Tube Chassis CRX Racecar With a 30 Year Old Engine (And it Still Rips!)

Season 2, Episode 126

Most Underrated 90s JDM Legend? Immaculate Widebody 300ZX Build at Gridlife

Season 2, Episode 125

BMW V8 Powered, RWD Swapped, Rear-Radiator’d Volkswagen Mk3 Golf GTI

Season 2, Episode 124

Touge Factory’s K24 Swapped BMW E30 is the Perfect JDM/Euro Combo

Season 2, Episode 123

The Loudest Subaru at Gridlife: 600hp+ STI Swapped GC8 Time Attack Car

Season 2, Episode 122

1100whp Camaro… And it Handles, Too! ’67 Pro Touring Pikes Peak Racer

Season 2, Episode 121

Big Turbo, Big Aero, Big Tires + 2JZ Power: Dai Yoshihara’s Toyota GT86 Pikes Peak Racer!

Season 2, Episode 120

NASCAR + Turbo + Hand Controls = Rob Parsons’ Pikes Peak Ready NASCAR (Spoiler: it’s a HANDFUL)

Season 2, Episode 119

Vaughn Gittin Jr’s All-Metal ’69 Ford Mustang RTR-X is an Insane Build You May Have Never Heard of

Season 2, Episode 118

One of the Rarest Production Subarus in the World: Impreza 22b

Season 2, Episode 117

Pikes Peak Tesla

Season 2, Episode 116

Hillclimb-Spec Widebody Audi Quattro is Pikes Peak Perfection

Season 2, Episode 115

Toyota Supra Camera Car?? Larry Runs $10,000 on the nose of his A90 Chase Vehicle at Gridlife

Season 2, Episode 114

420hp and Carbon Everything. Shawn Basset’s 240z is Pikes Peak Hillclimb Ready

Season 2, Episode 113

2,300lb K24 Swapped Civic Time Attack Car is a Lightweight Time Attack Machine

Season 2, Episode 112

V8s Are ok With an AK47 Rev Limiter. Spooky Andy’s LS Swapped FC RX-7

Season 2, Episode 111

The Future of Racing? Roborace’s Almost-200mph Autonomous Racer

Season 2, Episode 110

Vintage Nissan Skyline With Perfect Patina and Ice Cold AC is the Ideal JDM Cruiser

Season 2, Episode 109

JDM Swap Meet Hero: The Kaido House Datsun 260z

Season 2, Episode 108

530whp Widebody BMW 135i is a Daily Driven Time Attack Ripper

Season 2, Episode 107

Speed Patrol Evo 8: Fastest Camera Car Around a Track?

Season 2, Episode 106

3000hp, 6 Second Street Driven ’56 Chevy With Twin Turbos and Steel panels

Season 2, Episode 105

A 500hp V8 Swapped Miata is the Best Idea Ever

Season 2, Episode 104

The Mazdaspeed Miata That Never was: Flyin’ Miata’s First Gen Turbo Kit

Season 2, Episode 103

Insane 455hp LS V8 Swapped Miata is a Lifted Hillclimb Monster

Season 2, Episode 102

LA’s Skyline Stronghold, AND Driving Paul Walker’s Personal R34 GT-R

Season 2, Episode 101

The Fastest Toyota in Formula D: Papadakis Racing A90 Supra

Season 2, Episode 100

The Perfect TE27 Corolla? This Old School JDM Canyon Carver is Built to Rip

Season 2, Episode 99

From Rust Heap to Concourse Level: Insane ’72 Corolla Restoration project

Season 2, Episode 98

Full Rally Spec ‘73 TE27 Corolla! Mike Muniz’s Backyard is Vintage Toyota Heaven

Season 2, Episode 97

Partying at the Freedom Factory With Vaughn Gittin Jr. And Chelsea Denofa

Season 2, Episode 96

Jay Leno Details Larry’s R32 GTR??

Season 2, Episode 95

Chicago’s Most Tasteful Car Collection? Megatour of Richard Fisher’s Insane All-White Fleet

Season 2, Episode 94

The 1,400hp Ford Mustang Mach-E Has Face-Melting Performance

Season 2, Episode 93

Odi Bakchis’ NEW Supercharged V8 Powered Nissan S15 is Built to Go 110%

Season 2, Episode 92

Jeff Zwart Tests the Insane 700hp Bare Carbon Porsche 935 Pikes Peak Special

Season 2, Episode 91

Drift Cars in the Streets of Chicago: Nighttime Photo Session With Larry Chen and Risky Devil Crew

Season 2, Episode 90

Ryan Litteral’s 800hp RB25 NEO Powered Nissan S14 Party Car is Built For Flat-out Shredding

Season 2, Episode 89

A 7 Second Supra Named "Booger", and Other FAST Florida Imports: Induction Performance

Season 2, Episode 88

Widebody JDM Spec Mazda RX-7… Bought For $1,500!?

Season 2, Episode 87

Dai Yoshihara’s 1,600hp-Capable Competition BRZ Tests at Irwindale Speedway

Season 2, Episode 86

Dream Spec Daily Driver: 550hp Nissan R32 GT-R Built for the Streets

Season 2, Episode 85

Corey Hosford’s 2JZ Swapped Nissan BOSS14: 800hp, Party Time, Excellent

Season 2, Episode 85

This Time Attack Spec Mazda FD RX-7 is All Business, Yet Street Legal

Season 2, Episode 84

Is This America’s Fastest A90 Time Attack Car? Jackie Ding’s Carbon Clad Toyota Supra

Season 2, Episode 83

875hp, Sequential Shifting C6 Corvette: A Time Attack Car Built Around a Free Turbo

Season 2, Episode 82

Best Street Saturn Ever? 2JZ Swapped Sky Roadster Makes All the Right Noises

Season 2, Episode 81

Father/Son Project 1,100hp Nissan Skyline GTR drag car

Season 2, Episode 80