KMC Wheels athlete, Seth Quintero, put on an unparalleled display of racing prowess in the 2022 Dakar Rally. Seth and co-driver Dennis Zenz have yet again delivered – this time with an astounding 12 stage wins – claiming the title for most wins ever in a Dakar race.

In only his second Dakar appearance at age 19, Quintero has managed to surpass the previously held single-stage record by Pierre Lartigue in 1994.

“It’s definitely a rewarding feeling. We’ve done 12 stages now with 11 wins. Every day has just been an adventure in itself and I’ve just been trying to take it day-by-day. Dennis has done an absolutely amazing job. I think I’ve been doing okay myself. It’s just been quite the adventure. For sure, stage 2 definitely crosses my mind quite a bit, especially after a race, especially after a win,” said Quintero, just moments before his 12th stage win.

Coming off an exceptional 1st stage, Seth was plagued with a mechanical hardship after a front differential failure led to an unexpected 16-hour handicap, effectively taking him out of class title running. However, with the help of his internationally acclaimed Redbull team, Quintero and Zenz managed to finish the stage and remained in contention for further wins.

After a seamless recovery, Quintero went on to dominate the notoriously rigorous Dakar terrain, chalking up a record-setting 12 single-stage wins, catapulting him into the Dakar archives and solidifying his achievements as a legacy driver and accomplished athlete.

“We are incredibly proud of Seth and Dennis’ accomplishments in this year’s Dakar Rally. We are excited to continue our performance-defining relationship with the team for the 2022 race season. Seth and Dennis showed veteran-style determination and resolve in the face of hardship and continued to perform in true KMC fashion,” says KMC Race Support Manager, Ryan Edwards.

Quintero partnered with KMC in 2019 and has since fast-tracked his reputation as a formidable opponent. After multiple podium placements in the BiTD (Best In The Desert) series and UTV World Championship racing series, Seth embodies the relentless competitive spirit that KMC has sought for its athletes since 1982.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Quintero’s achievements in this year’s Dakar Rally was his alternate use of the forged version of the KS137 Toro non-beadlock for the world-renowned event. Typically, Seth sports an off-the-shelf KS433 Forged Mesa Beadlock for all his domestic ventures. However, this lightweight pre-production model has proven its exceptional capabilities, highlighting the wheel’s rigid build and robust construction throughout the race.