Whiteline Strut Tower Braces (Front Tower Brace) | Mazda 3 - i (2004-2012)

Vendor: Whiteline


  • Stiffen up and drive right with the Whiteline Strut Tower Brace
  • Custom engineered for a perfect fit on your vehicle
  • By fending off chassis flex, the Whiteline Strut Brace dramatically enhances turn-ins, steering response and street feedback
  • The strut bar adjusts for the perfect amount of stiffness
  • Constructed from lightweight, polished alloy for a boss look under the hood
  • Included mounting plates feature a rust-resistant coating
  • Mounts easily using simple hand tools
  • Your Whiteline Strut Tower Brace is backed by a 3-year warranty included
Some things just work better when they're good and stiff—your suspension is no exception. A frame that's loose as a goose drives like a real turkey. Even if you step up with an anti-sway bar and racing coils, your auto can still get sloppy around corners and windy roads. For maximum chassis stiffness, nothing beats the Whiteline Strut Tower Brace.

The Whiteline Strut Tower Brace is all about beefing up your suspension's support. Spanning the gap between your strut towers, it fends off body flex, which preserves your alignment angles and spring rates. As soon as it's bolted in place, you experience tighter turn-ins, more response as you steer and better feedback on road conditions. Best of all, the strut bar gives you the power to dial in the ideal stiffness for the right balance between comfort and control.

Unlike the headgear you had as a kid, you want to show off your Whiteline Strut Tower Brace. Expertly crafted from polished alloy with rust-resistant mounting plates, it brightens your engine compartment with race-inspired style. And, it's completely custom engineered for your specific vehicle, so it mounts easily with no cutting, drilling or modding required. Each brace is also backed by a 3-year warranty.