Whiteline Anti Lift Kits (Alignment Caster Kit - Control arm - lower inner rear bushing - Front - PN KCA425) | Subaru Impreza - WRX STi (2011-2014)

Vendor: Whiteline

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  • Give your front suspension some attitude with the Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
  • Designed specifically for your year, make and model front wheel drive vehicle
  • Adds 0.5 degree static positive caster to both front wheels
  • Delivers maximum traction under power—including cornering
  • Dramatically reduces understeer & front wheel spin
  • Sharpens initial turn-in response
  • Mounts are crafted from alloy and lined with low-compliance polyurethane bushings
  • Your Whiteline Anti Lift Kit is backed by a 3-year warranty
Leave the lift for off-road trucks and miracle bras, because it's the last thing your lowered street machine needs. When keeping those Pirellis planted is the difference between the checkered flag and hanging your head in second-place shame, the Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit is an absolute must.

Designed to give your FWD racer 0.5 full degrees of positive caster, the Whiteline ALK delivers maximum traction under maximum power. Initial turn-in response is dramatically improved while understeer and wheel spin take a hike.

Crafted from anodized aluminum alloy, the Whiteline anit-lift kit delivers the positive caster it takes to keep the rubber road bound. And, the low-compliance polyurethane bushings keep your handling supple and secure. What's more, Whiteline backs your Anti-Lift Kit with a 3-year warranty.