Volant Cold Air Intakes (Pro 5 Enclosed Intake System) | GMC Yukon 6.2L V8 (2007-2019)

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  • Bolster horsepower, torque and even MPG with the Volant Cold Air Intake System
  • Custom-designed for your specific car, truck or SUV
  • Molded polyethylene ducts give your engine a clear, cool air passage
  • Volant intakes offer 2 filter options: Donaldson® PowerCore® Filtration Technology and Pro 5 Filters
  • PowerCore Filters improve filtration up to 99.97% and are maintenance-free for up to 150,000 miles on the road, intended for dusty off-road performance
  • Pro 5 Filters utilize layers of oiled cotton gauze for up to 15,000 miles of maintenance free driving, intended for daily driving
  • Some models equipped with a power-inducing enclosed air box to block heat and provide optimal filtration
  • Easy-open box lid offers quick filter access
  • Stainless-steel marine-grade clamps withstand engine heat and the elements
  • Most models install in 1 hour or less (minor modifications may be required)
  • Volant offers a 1-year warranty on intake parts and Pro-5 Filters, and a 4-year or 100,000 mile warranty on PowerCore Filters and Performance Air Intake products
The rocket scientists at Volant have outdone themselves with this one. The Volant Cold Air Intake System lets your engine breathe huge gulps of cool, power-producing air for a massive performance boost. Increases of up to 18 horsepower, 40 ft/lbs of torque and even bolstered MPG are yours with Volant.

The Hi-Flow Velocity Air Box breathes in oodles of performance-enhancing air via the massive air duct. Many Volant Cold Air Intakes also include an enclosed air box that takes power and efficiency higher. Some drivers even report an increase in gas mileage by 1 to 2 miles per gallon. What's more, it can take less than an hour using standard household tools to replace the old, suffocating factory air box.

Best yet, Volant gives most vehicles a performance filter choice: the original high-performance cotton-gauze filter with cleaning intervals of 35,000-50,000 miles, or the oil-free PowerCore® air filter, requiring maintenance after a whopping 100,000 miles.

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