sct iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface (Federal EPA-Compliant) | Ford Mustang 4.0L V6 (2005-2010)

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  • Tune your ride for jaw-dropping power with the cutting-edge SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface (49-State Legal)
  • The first & only iPod, iPhone and iPad vehicle tuner & OBD-II monitoring product on the market
  • Room to store up to 10 custom tunes
  • No wires needed—the SCT iTSX communicates wirelessly through your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
  • Loads dyno-proven tunes through an intuitive, user-friendly app available from the Apple App Store
  • Doubles as a digital gauge cluster for in-depth monitoring of your critical engine data
  • Loaded with a series of tests to check your 0-60, top speed and 60-0 times
  • Reads and clears engine fault codes
  • Customizable with multiple layouts, colors and themes
  • Your SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface is backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Not legal for sale or use on pollution-controlled vehicles in the state of California
In your parent's generation, unleashing neck-snapping power from a car meant stripping down the engine, boring out the cylinders, investing in a blower and spending countless weekends busting knuckles under the hood. Times have changed, and SCT has harnessed the digital age to strengthen your gas pedal with their revolutionary iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface.

Forget about outdated handheld programmers with confusing controls and screens the size of old calculators. The SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface is the cutting edge of design, combining a powerful tuner with an exciting app that runs on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to control your power tunes—wirelessly!

The SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface is as easy to use as iTunes, but the sweet music comes out of your tailpipes instead of your stereo. Simply connect the compact tuner to your OBD-II port, load the app onto your Apple device, and you're ready to rock. Your device talks to the SCT iTSX programmer via Bluetooth, allowing you to set tunes, customize engine settings, clear fault codes, test your performance times and monitor critical engine data. Best yet, your SCT iTSX OBDII Wireless Tuner is backed by a 1-year warranty.