Mishimoto Racing Thermostats (Engine Coolant Thermostat - N/A - PN MMTS-VET-14) | GMC Sierra - 6.2L V8 (2014-2016)

Vendor: Mishimoto


  • Uncork your coolant before your motor gets too hot with Mishimoto Racing Thermostats
  • Custom designed to replace your factory thermostat
  • Digitally calibrated to open up at a lower than stock temperature for ultimate cooling performance
  • Gets your antifreeze circulating sooner to maintain cooler motor temps for longer
  • Ideal at the track and safe for street driving
  • Your Mishimoto Racing Thermostat includes a Lifetime Warranty
When you're smoking your tires down at the track, you expect your engine to run hotter than when you're commuting to work. Unfortunately, a factory thermostat is set up to respond to street driving, not strip racing. For faster cooling start-ups, swap out your stock equipment with a Mishimoto Racing Thermostat.

Compared side-by-side to your stock thermostat, a Mishimoto Performance Thermostat looks like it was made at the factory. But, the real difference lies inside their exteriors. They're digitally calibrated to open up once roughly 20 degrees before most standard thermostats. By starting to circulate your coolant sooner, a Mishimoto Thermostat helps maintain cooler temperatures for longer, which leads to hotter performance throughout the drive.

Mishimoto has earned international respect for their race-tested cooling systems, and the Racing Thermostat embodies their tradition for premium construction, performance design and lasting durability. Plus, they back every Mishimoto Racing Thermostat with a Lifetime Warranty.