Mishimoto Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kits | Infiniti G37 - Coupe (2008-2013)

Vendor: Mishimoto
SKU: MMOC-370Z-09


  • Regulate and reduce oil temps with the Mishimoto Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kit
  • Available in chrome stainless steel or durable black-coated aluminized steel
  • Perfect for street and track vehicles with stock or modified engines
  • Substantially decreases oil temperatures
  • Regulates oil temps for improved durability and longevity
  • Allows for ample airflow which creates optimal cooling
  • Keeps cool oil flowing on piston rings, bearings, skirts and critical engine components
  • Prevents premature oil breakdown
  • Choose from thermostatic and non-thermostatic options (select models)
  • Select silver or stealth black finish (select models)
  • Custom design makes for an easy direct-fit installation
  • Kit includes cooler, sandwich plate, fittings, stainless lines, brackets & hardware (varies by kit)
  • Proudly made in the USA
Whether you're a weekend racer or a spirited commuter, it's critical to keep your powerplant's lifeblood—motor oil—cool. So, reduce and regulate oil temperatures the racer's way with the Mishimoto Engine Oil Cooler Kit. Perfect for street and track rides running bone-stock or highly modified engines, the complete Mishimoto oil cooler kit regulates temps for durability, longevity and maximum performance.

Crafted specifically for your year, make and model vehicle, the direct-fit Mishimoto oil cooler bolts right in place with no hassles. And, since it's a complete kit, Mishimoto includes everything you need—multi-pass cooler, sandwich plate, fittings, stainless lines, brackets & hardware (varies by kit). Plus, most kits let you choose thermostatic or non-thermostatic options.

The heart of Mishimoto oil cooling is the cooler, which is designed for ample airflow and optimal cooling. Plus, it's built track tough for a lifetime of use. And, for some under-the-hood style, you get your choice of silver or stealth black finishes emblazoned with the Mishimoto logo (select models). Best yet, Mishimoto backs your Oil Cooler Kit with a 1-year warranty.