Mishimoto Direct-Fit Intercoolers | GMC Savana - 3500, Base, 6.6L Duramax, LMM engine, engine VIN = 6, GM, turbocharged (2007-2010)

Vendor: Mishimoto


  • Add an air conditioner into your induction system with Mishimoto Direct-Fit Intercoolers
  • Mishimoto Intercoolers act like a radiator for your forced air, cooling it down for denser charges and more efficient combustion
  • Ratchets up your horsepower, torque and MPGs
  • Dramatically reduces the inbound air temperature up to 40%
  • Engineered for minimal pressure drops and maximum boost
  • Constructed from high-quality T6 aluminum with TIG welds
  • Built with pride in the USA
  • Intercooler Kits with pipes, hoses, clamps and mounting hardware available for select vehicles
  • Your Mishimoto Direct-Fit Intercooler comes with a Lifetime Warranty
Heat under the hood is both unwanted and unavoidable. When the mercury shoots up, your performance plummets—especially in a turbo system where molten exhaust fumes are harnessed to spool up the boost. If you're sick of sacrificing ponies because of the sweltering conditions in your engine compartment, ice down your forced induction system with a Mishimoto Direct-Fit Intercoolers.

Like adding a radiator to your turbo, a Mishimoto Intercooler helps chill the oxygen blowing down your motor's gullet. Just how well do these intercoolers work? Mishimoto popped one into a 400hp Nissan SR20DET, put it through its paces, and found the starting air temperature of 122 degrees dropped all the way down to 68 degrees! And since cooler air is naturally denser, you get more horsepower, torque and efficiency every time it combusts.

You don't have to sweat the installation of Mishimoto Intercooler Cores. Custom designed for your ride, they're made to fit and easy to plumb using Mishimoto silicone couplers (sold separately). Each intercooler is made in the USA from T6 aluminum with precise TIG welds for lasting durability. Plus, Mishimoto covers your Direct-Fit Intercooler with a Lifetime Warranty.