Jet Performance Module (Stage 1 PCM) | Chevy Lumina 3.4L V6 (1995-1995)

Vendor: Jet
SKU: 19522


  • Jet Performance Modules tune your engine with advanced programming to harness your vehicle’s full power
  • Custom-made and programmed for your ride
  • Delivers huge gains in horsepower and torque (see Related Images for your vehicle-specific hp gains)
  • Achieve faster acceleration and increased towing power without burning extra gas
  • Stage 1 is designed to maximize the power potential of your stock engine
  • Stage 2 is tuned to boost the power on rides equipped with mods like performance exhaust systems and low-temperature thermostats
  • Available in Stage 2 models for most vehicles
  • Easy plug-in installation — no modifications needed
  • Unplug the module to restore factory settings
  • Jet Performance products are made in the USA
  • Your Jet Performance Module is backed by a 1-year warranty
Blow those sluggish stock settings away with a Jet Performance Module. Custom-programmed specifically for your make and model, this Jet performance chip uses Dynamic Spectrum Tuning (DST) to optimize your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio, transmission tuning, spark timing, and various other parameters to achieve maximum torque and horsepower. With this easy upgrade, not only do you enjoy quick acceleration—faster 0-60 times—but also bolstered towing power, without burning extra gas.

Jet offers the Performance Module in two styles for most vehicles. Stage 1 is designed for original stock engines or mildly modified vehicles, while Stage 2 is built for modified motors, with performance air intakes, headers or exhaust systems already installed. Even on souped-up engines, this Jet performance chip adds serious horsepower to your daily driving (see Related Images for vehicle-specific gains).

The Jet Performance Module installs quickly and easily in under half an hour, so you can immediately hit the road and discover the hidden power under your hood. To restore factory settings, simply unplug the Performance Module. All Jet power control modules boast a 1-year warranty.