JBA Headers JBA Cat4ward Headers (Shorty Headers) | GMC C/K 3500 4.3L V6 (1988-1999)

Vendor: JBA Headers
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  • Replace restrictive, cast-iron stock manifolds with precision built JBA Cat4ward Exhaust Headers
  • Precision-built exhaust headers maximize exhaust flow for added horsepower, torque and throttle response
  • Increases your engine’s overall exhaust output—better power, efficiency and fuel economy
  • Dyno testing shows typical performance gains on modern, fuel injected V8s to be 10-25hp with similar increases in torque
  • Pair your headers with a JBA Performance Exhaust system for another 7-10hp
  • JBA Headers are crafted from either mild or stainless steel (depends on chosen finish)
  • Mandrel-bent tubing ensures a consistent pipe diameter throughout for unrestricted flow
  • Over-sized exhaust ports provide enhanced exhaust flow, especially with bored and ported engines
  • The beefy 3/8" thick, one piece, laser-cut head flanges make for a leak-free seal and easy installation
  • Patented Firecone collector vastly improves exhaust scavenging for better power, torque and throttle response (depends on model)
  • Most V8 models come with the patented Firecone collector—vastly improves exhaust scavenging
  • Includes premium mounting hardware for an easy bolt-on installation
Ditch your tired, restrictive, inefficient stock exhaust manifold and let your engine breathe freely with performance headers. JBA Cat4ward Headers unlock your motor's power potential for unrestricted, white-knuckle performance gains.

The Achilles heel for engine performance is the exhaust. With JBA Headers, you get a boost of up to 10-25 tire-turning horses out of your motor. The steel tubing is mandrel-bent with extra-large exhaust ports and a leak-free, laser-cut 3/8" thick flange for fast exhaust flow.

You also get JBA's patented Firecone merge collector (depends on model), which quickly moves spent gasses out through your tailpipe. JBA exhaust headers let your engine breathe easier, giving you more power, torque and throttle response.

All mounting hardware is included for a do-it-yourself install that doesn't void your factory warranty. 4 finishes to choose from. Of course, your JBA Headers come with a 1-year warranty.