Injen Forced Induction Components (Front Mount Intercooler with Piping) | Subaru Impreza 2.0L 4-cyl (2002-2005)

Vendor: Injen


  • Push your vehicle's turbo engine past the limitations of timid stock parts with Injen's advanced Forced Induction Components
  • Upgrade each part one at a time, or do a complete overhaul for the greatest possible power gains
  • Up Pipe: Built from 2" T-304 stainless steel tubing with built-in O2 sensor bung and ½" die-cast flanges, it maximizes exhaust flow for huge horsepower gains
  • Down Pipe: Crafted from 76mm mandrel bent stainless steel with a 1-piece collector, it eliminates exhaust restrictions for massive boosts in power
  • Cross Over Pipe: Wrought from T-304 stainless steel and a stainless braided flex pipe, it accelerates your turbo response by maximizing the exhaust flow between the 1 and 4 cylinder and the manifold collector
  • Front Mount Intercooler: Forged from T-6061 aluminum, it works like a radiator for air—cooling the intake charge for more energetic combustion with reduced thermal stress
  • Your Front Mount Intercooler requires no frame modification and retains factory fog lights
  • Intercooler Piping: Mandrel bent from premium T-6061 aluminum tubing, these tubes greatly reduce airflow restrictions
  • Made with pride in the US of A
  • Injen Forced Induction Components are all backed by a 1-year warranty
Better buckle up-your ride just got a lot wilder! With Injen's lineup of Forced Induction Components mounted to your turbo-powered vehicle, you'll be an unstoppable force.

Speed up your turbo's response with Injen's Up Pipe. This tough 2" tube maximizes your exhaust flow, and the ½" flanges ensure an exact fit against your block.

Eliminate power-robbing restrictions with the Injen's mighty Down Pipe. Wrought from 76mm mandrel bent stainless steel, it lets your exhaust flow freely to boost your horsepower.

For even greater turbo response, bolt on Injen's Cross Over Pipe. Connecting the 1 and 4 cylinders to the manifold collector, this stainless steel tube lets spent gasses pass through rapidly to generate more power.

Keep your intake charge cool with Injen's Front Mount Intercooler. This air radiator ensures optimal oxygen temperatures. For faster flow, get the matching Intercooler Piping. Every Forced Induction Component comes with a 1-year warranty.