Hawk Superduty Brake Pads (Front Pads - Full Set) | Toyota 4Runner - TRD Off-Road Premium (2018-2019)

Vendor: Hawk
SKU: HB490P.665

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  • Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads are custom-made for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • With unmatched braking power and pad life, Hawk Superduty Brake Pads eclipse standard and even other performance pad replacements by 20-40%
  • Hawk Superduty Brake Pads employ a unique ferro-carbon composite pad material that reduces heat, fights brake fade and is easy on your rotors
  • The ideal partner to a set of high performance rotors
  • Keeps excessive dust and noise to a minimum
  • Installs like any standard replacement pad
  • Your Hawk Superduty Brake Pads boast a Lifetime Warranty
You don't have to fight your heavy vehicle or trailer when your vehicle is armed with high-performance Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads. Made specifically to keep fleet trucks, SUVs and haulers under control, Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads offer unmatched stopping power performance to these burly rides.

Behind the unrivaled performance of Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads is their exclusive ferro-carbon composite pad material. This combination, the product of braking knowledge and aerospace experience, puts a stop to your momentum without fading, wrecking your rotors or generating tons of brake dust. Your brakes stay ready for action when it matters most.

Discover a new level of braking power in your heavy hauler truck, van or SUV. Your Hawk HP Superduty Brake Pads are custom-made to replace stock parts and carry an incredible Lifetime Warranty.