Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads (Front Pads - Full Set) | Infiniti Q60 - Journey, Sport Package (2015)

Vendor: Hawk
SKU: HB601Z.626

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  • Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads include the celebrated grip of a Hawk performance brake pad with significantly reduced dust versus a stock pad
  • Utilizes performance ceramic compounds that also diminish noise, vibration and harshness
  • The ideal replacement brake pads for keeping custom wheels cleaner longer
  • Engineered to stifle brake fade, extend pad life and they’re rotor-friendly, too
  • High-performance braking bite without the noise and dust of standard performance pads
  • Direct replacement for your stock brake pads
  • Pre-burnished at the factory and ready for rotor bedding
  • Your Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are covered by a Lifetime Warranty
Performance brake pads are fantastic, giving the advanced driver more stopping bite on city streets and the chance to sneak onto the track occasionally. They come with one major drawback, though: dust. That is, until Hawk changed performance brakes.

Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads carry the tradition of stopping strength you expect from Hawk, yet leave the extra dust, well, in the dust. Thanks to these specially engineered Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads, performance drivers with sweet wheels have an alternative that preserves shine.

Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are also rotor-friendly and low-noise, reducing friction and vibration like a Hawk pad should. They fit fast in place of stock pads, and Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads come burnished and ready to be bedded. What's even better, your Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Why not stop your ride with the best of all worlds? For low dust, minimized noise and top performance, swoop down on Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads.