Hawk HPS Brake Pads (Front Pads - Full Set) | Volkswagen Scirocco - 16-Valve (1986-1988)

Vendor: Hawk
SKU: HB190F.600A

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  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads are custom-made for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • With unmatched braking power and pad life, Hawk HPS Brake Pads eclipse standard and even other performance pad replacements by 20-40%
  • Hawk HPS Brake Pads employ a unique ferro-carbon composite pad material that offers a higher coefficient of friction, fights brake fade and is easy on your rotors
  • The ideal partner to a set of high performance rotors
  • Keeps excessive dust and noise to a minimum
  • Installs like any standard replacement pad
  • Your Hawk HPS Brake Pads boast a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects
The HPS in Hawk HPS Brake Pads stands for high-performance street-top braking power for virtually any vehicle on the road. They're the fusion of Hawk's aerospace experience and high-end braking technology that exceeds all other performance brake pads on the market today.

Behind the extreme stopping power of Hawk HPS Brake Pads is their unique ferro-carbon compound material. This exclusive composite makes Hawk HPS Brake Pads 20-40% more powerful than standard pad replacements with less friction. It's why Hawk Brake Pads have a higher resistance to brake fade, giving you more control when it matters most.

An ideal companion to performance rotors, Hawk HPS Brake Pads fit into your calipers just like a standard replacement with no extra hassle. Virtually noise-free, Hawk HPS Brake Pads help your rotors last longer and boast a Lifetime Warranty.