H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers (Front Trak+ Wheel Spacers) | Volvo S70 - 4-lug (1998)

Vendor: H&R
SKU: 4034650

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  • For sportier handling and spectacular style, upgrade to TRAK+ H and R Wheel Spacers
  • Custom sized for a perfect fit on your vehicle
  • Designed to push your wheels out flush with your fenders for enhanced stability, tighter traction and head-turning style
  • Available in a range of thicknesses to work with both stock and aftermarket wheels and tires
  • Carved from a proprietary blend of aluminum and magnesium for peak strength and fewer pounds than T6 alloy
  • Sold in pairs
  • TRAK+ H and R Spacers include a Lifetime Defect Warranty
There's a reason why the great pyramids in Egypt have stood for millennia. Alien technology aside, their ultra-wide bases form a formidable foundation that's broad enough to withstand everything from shifting sands to crumbling civilizations. Bring the same degree of stability to your daily driver, weekend track star or show pony with H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers.

Better cornering, better agility, better all-around performance—TRAK+ H&R Wheel Spacers prove that wider truly is better. By pushing your rims out to the edge of the fender wells, they optimize your stance for tremendous traction, great grip and a flush finish. And since these hubcentric spacers boast a full-contact hub, they deliver all the lateral support you need for white-knuckled motoring.

Whether you're rolling on factory wheels and tires or rocking an aftermarket set, TRAK+ H&R Spacers come in a range of thicknesses to work with your setup. Simply measure the gap in your wheel well and pick a size that gets you right to the edge without rubbing. They're carved out of an exclusive aluminum/magnesium alloy that's lighter and tougher than traditional T6 aluminum. And, they're backed by a Lifetime Defect Warranty.