H&R Sport Lowering Coil Springs (Sport Lowering Coil Springs) | BMW 3-Series - 335xi, sedan (2007-2012)

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SKU: 50494

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  • Raise your pulse by lowering your ride with H&R Sport Lowering Coil Springs
  • Delivers a 1.5” – 1.8” drop depending on your vehicle
  • Sport Springs are H&R's most popular coil springs
  • Offers sportier results than OE springs with a superb ride quality
  • Cuts body roll for crisp handling, tight cornering & faster response
  • Streamlines your wind resistance for less drag
  • Narrows the gap between your tires and wheel well
  • Built tough from 54SiCr6 spring steel
  • Shot-peened for a 200% increase in lifespan
  • Made and tested in Germany
  • Your H&R Sport Coil Springs include a Lifetime Defect Warranty
Let's face it—you gave up on trying to keep your prized ride stock a long time ago. Somewhere between the cat-back exhaust system and the roll cage, you decided to give in to that little voice inside your head urging you to put the pedal to the metal. When you're ready to fully embrace the spirit of sporty street driving, upgrade your suspension with H&R Lowering Coil Springs.

Inspired by the Autobahn and custom engineered for your auto, H&R Sport Springs tune your suspension for tighter, more responsive handling. These stage 2 spring upgrades drop you down between 1.5" – 1.8", lowering your center of gravity for reduced body roll, decreased wind resistance and a lot less slop in your steering. Plus, their progressive spring rate responds to the road, staying soft when you're cruising and stiffening up as you throw the hammer down.

More than just a performance upgrade, H & R Sport Springs give your ride a tighter profile, too. They bring your stature down far enough to close the gaps in your wheel wells, making your rims come alive. And since they're constructed from shot-peened steel with a Lifetime Defect Warranty, your HR Sport Springs have the guts to go the distance.