H&R Race Lowering Coil Springs (Race Lowering Coil Springs) | Ford Mustang 5.0L V8 (1982-1995)

Vendor: H&R
SKU: 51650-88

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  • Tune your speed fiend’s suspension for tighter handling, reduced body roll and snappier steering response with H&R Race Springs
  • Engineered to lower your stature 1.75” – 2.5” (varies by vehicle)
  • Designed for dominating performance at the track
  • Optimizes your overall weight distribution for huge handling gains
  • Closes the gap between your tires and wheel wells for a cleaner profile
  • Built in Germany from specially formulated spring steel
  • Shot peened for added structural strength
  • Each kit includes 4 coil springs
  • Fully tested by H&R before shipping
  • H&R Race Springs are backed by a Lifetime Defect Warranty
Horsepower, torque and boost are all important ingredients for building a winning racer. But engine power isn't going to take you very far if you can't control it around the turns. Down at the speedway, it's the suspension upgrades that separate the serious drivers from the dust eaters. Get an advantage over the competition by upgrading to H&R Race Springs.

Killer cornering, reduced body roll and hair-trigger steering response ensure H and R Race Springs deliver a track-ready trifecta of handling enhancements. Custom engineered for your auto, they drop your center of gravity on average by 1.75" – 2.5" and balance out your vehicle's weight distribution. Whether you're steering into a hairpin turn or rounding the straightaway, you'll feel connected to the pavement like never before.

From The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca to the freeway onramp down the street, HR Race Springs are ready for action anywhere. Each spring is built in H&R's advanced German factory using a special steel formulation that's shot-peened for added structural strength. Best of all, they're covered by a Lifetime Defect Warranty.