Eibach Pro-System Lowering Kit (Eibach Pro-System Lowering Kit) | Dodge Charger 3.5L V6 (2006-2010)

Vendor: Eibach
SKU: 2880.780

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  • Enjoy sportier handling—not punishing ride quality—with the Eibach Pro-System Lowering Kit
  • Custom configured and tuned for your specific vehicle
  • Lowers your ride height 0.8" – 2.1" (depending on vehicle)
  • Comes with Pro-Damper shocks, Pro-Kit lowering springs and all required hardware
  • Gives you the perfect blend of performance and ride quality for greater comfort and more driving excitement
  • Enhances cornering, reduces drag, speeds up turn-in response and nearly eliminates body roll
  • Million-Mile warranty for the Pro-Kit springs, 2-year warranty for the Pro-Damper shocks
There's no two ways about it—the closer your auto rides to the street, the tighter your handling becomes. That's great for screaming around corners at breakneck speeds, but it also amplifies every bump in the road and sends shockwaves reverberating up your spine. For the perfect blend of ride quality and sporty handling, go with the Eibach Pro-System Lowering Kit.

The Pro-System drops you down 0.8" – 2.1" for dramatically improved steering and nearly no change in your stock ride quality. This expertly engineered kit comes with Eibach Pro-Damper shocks, Pro-Kit lowering springs and all required hardware—everything you need to tune up your suspension for passionate driving.

Stickier cornering, zippier turn-in response and radically reduced body roll are just a few of the enhancements you immediately feel after bolting on your Eibach Pro-System. As if that wasn't enough, the lowered stance cuts down on wind drag for enhanced fuel economy—not to mention that it gives your vehicle a boss look. Best of all, the Pro-Kit springs come with a Million-Mile warranty, and the Pro-Damper shocks are backed by a 2-year warranty.