Eibach Pro-Spacers (System 6 - Stud Style) | Porsche 968 - All 968 models (1992-1995)

Vendor: Eibach
SKU: S90-6-07-001

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  • Eibach Pro Spacers are custom-crafted to fit between your vehicle's hub and wheel
  • These specialized wheel spacers move your tire flush with the wheel well face for aggressive looks and a wider stance
  • Eibach Pro Spacers improve handling by reducing body roll with a wider wheel base
  • Crafted from durable aircraft-grade aluminum that's significantly lighter than steel wheel spacers
  • Precision Eibach wheel spacer engineering preserves wheel alignment
  • Installation is easier than changing a tire!
  • Sold in pairs of two wheel spacers; add two kits to your cart for all four spacers
  • Your Eibach Pro Spacers carry a Million-Mile warranty
All that's left to complete your vehicle's street racer looks are some well-placed wheel spacers. These simple parts push your tires out flush with the face of the wheel well, eliminating useless gaps and widening your wheel base. Pick Eibach Pro Spacers for the job, and you'll discover precise engineering that preserves alignment in a lighter aluminum alloy than steel wheel spacers.

Beyond the aggressive looks, Eibach Pro Spacers improve handling performance with their wider stance. You'll notice improved roll reduction and boosted cornering grip-a perfect match with a set of Eibach Springs.

If you can change a tire, you can install Eibach Pro Spacers-no hassles. Pop off your wheel, slip the wheel spacer over the lug nuts and re-mount. Some vehicles may require post extenders, which are simple additions to your hub. Best yet, your Eibach Pro Spacers carry a Million-Mile warranty.