Edge Evolution Programmer (Evolution Programmer) | Ford F-350 6.4L Power Stroke (2008-2010)

Vendor: Edge
SKU: 15004

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  • Plug in your year, make and model above to know whether this product will work with your vehicle and to see vehicle-specific capabilities/features.
  • Unlock your engine’s full potential with the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer
  • Custom-tuned for your specific make, model and year truck or SUV
  • Available for both gasoline and diesel powerplants
  • Actual increases in fuel mileage depend on driving style
  • Includes a custom-designed, dash-mounted pod for a seamless factory look
  • Designed to display, check and clear diagnostic trouble codes with aplomb
  • The Evolution can be updated via USB connection to the internet
  • Special mileage tune adjusts for different octane ratings and improves fuel economy (depending on driving style)
  • You can monitor up to 24 vital engine functions (depending on vehicle) on the in-cab display – up to four parameters displayed at one time
  • Programmer features an easy-to-read, adjustable and backlit color LED screen
  • Three performance programs let you tune for economy, towing and high performance
  • Includes a performance mode that measures 0-60, quarter-mile and reaction times
Only the strongest species survive the mean streets, and the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer adapts your rig for total domination. Three power levels mutate your ride’s performance gene to extract its full potential, and a backlit LED delivers crucial engine data at a glance.

This advanced tuner modifies both gas- and diesel-burners for optimum performance. The Evolution delivers double-digit horsepower and torque gains on gas models; diesel rigs blister the blacktop with triple dividends. Plus, a special mileage tune adjusts for different octane ratings and improves fuel economy – if you can keep your foot out of it!

Beyond flashing your ECU with monstrous power, the Evolution’s custom pod seamlessly mounts to your dash for a clean factory look. The in-cab display delivers your engine’s vitals to keep you abreast of up to 24 critical parameters – like RPM, MPH and EGT, depending on the model. What’s more, Edge backs your Evolution with a 1-year warranty.