Dinan Performance Lowering Springs (Performance Lowering Springs) | BMW 2-Series 3.0L 6-cyl (2016-2017)

Vendor: Dinan
SKU: D100-0927

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  • Elevate your ride-quality by dropping your stance with Dinan Performance Lowering Springs
  • Carefully calibrated spring rates ensure greater control over body-roll
  • CNC-wound with high-tensile chrome silicon wire and shot-peened for long-lasting stress-relief
  • Increased stiffness reduces rear suspension compression under acceleration
  • Also combats front suspension compression (or dive) when braking
  • Provide a noticeable improvement in grip for high-speed driving situations
  • More responsive steering is noticeable – from low speeds to top speed
  • Dinan Lowering Springs are preset to prevent spring sag
  • Factory BMW bump-stops are reused
  • Sets should be purchased and installed with the corresponding Dinan/Koni Shocks & Struts to achieve the advertised ride-height, performance and ride-quality
  • Your Dinan Performance Lowering Springs are backed by a limited 2-year warranty
If sloppy factory springs are the only thing standing between your ride and Hollywood-blockbuster cornering and stopping capabilities, there’s only one thing to do. Upgrade with a set of Dinan Performance Lowering Springs and regain the confidence you felt on that first test-drive.

Precision-calibrated to reduce body-roll and deliver more responsive steering that you’re sure to notice at any speed, these springs are CNC-wound with high-tensile chrome silicon wire and shot-peened to relieve stress over the entire vehicle lifespan. A stiffer feel also combats rear suspension compression when accelerating, and reduces front-end dive while braking.

It’s advised that they be purchased and installed with the appropriate Dinan/Koni Shocks & Struts to get that dropped stance to draw the admiration of passersby. Equipped with factory BMW bump-stops and preset to prevent sag, your Dinan Performance Lowering Springs are supported by a limited 2-year warranty.