Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors (Front Rotor Set) | Hyundai Sonata - All Sonata models (1999-2001)

Vendor: Brembo
SKU: 33S60044


  • Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors are world-renowned as the finest replacement rotors available
  • Wrought from high-carbon cast iron for heartier yet quieter stopping power
  • These Brembo Sport Rotors harness slotted rotor technology that rapidly vents heat—even when combined with racing pads on the track
  • Slotted veins sweep water and dust away from the disc and pad surfaces, making for excellent braking in any conditions
  • Directionally designed for maximum grip and improved heat venting
  • Directly replaces your stock rotors—no new wheels or calipers needed
  • Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors work with the stock calipers and other brake components including ABS parts
  • Crafted under strict controls at Brembo's state-of-the-art facilities
  • Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors carry the prestigious European TUV certification of quality
  • Your Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors are backed by a 2-year warranty
More than just brakes-or even high performance brakes-Brembo makes the world's premier brake system parts. This level of prestige is echoed in Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors, and their unsurpassed stopping bite.

High speed and high performance driving or milder street running alike, Brembo Sport Rotors flat-out thrive. Their slotted surface design spins heat, moisture and dust away from the braking surface, while the cast iron disc material accomplishes all-out resistance to stress.

Born to directly replace stock discs, Brembo Sport Rotors fit fast and work with the remaining factory brake components-no oversized wheels necessary. Even stock calipers are utilized in their original position.

From powerful sports cars on the speed-hungry tracks of their Bergamo, Italy birthplace to your automobile, Brembo puts on the brakes. With Brembo Slotted Sport Rotors, experiencing the legendary Brembo feel has never been easier. 2-year warranty.