BEST 5 TOOLS glove

SKU: HA501H5T6



The Best 5 tools are these (your fingers) - so don't lose them! Ain't that the truth for all you mechanics and technicans out there doin' it for a living. Introducing the all-new Hoonigan Signature series of Smartgloves by WTD. This Smartglove is a good all purpose mechanics glove. 4 layer high-temp silicone print with custom Best-5 -Tools are these - custom graphics. Top hand is seamless and edge to edge for a consistent design. Grey abrasion patches for durability while still giving high dexgterity in fingers and on palm. This Smartglove wears amazing and works amazing on your Smartphone too... It has the latest Gen2 Smartglove technology. So accurate it even works on fingerprint scanning technology like TouchID by Apple or even the new GoPro Hero 6.