Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads (Rear Brake Pads) | Chevy Suburban - 2500, with Quadrasteer (2003)

Vendor: Baer
SKU: D0792

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  • Stop on a dime every time with Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads
  • Ceramic formula for smooth stopping with less dust
  • The high-friction compound provides consistent performance
  • Great pedal feel comes from the positive molding process
  • Mechanically fixed anti-noise shims prevent screeching
  • Provides increased friction while meeting OE standards for noise and durability
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
Come to a stop without causing a stir. Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads provide strong braking power without creating unnecessary noise or dust. The ceramic formula is specifically designed to deliver smooth torque without the mess. Plus the mechanically set, anti-noise shims keep screeching at bay.

Use Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads with your factory set-up to deliver increased friction while still conforming to the manufacturer's specifications for noise, vibration, durability and fit. Or, for the ultimate controlled stopping set-up, pair your Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads with Baer rotors or a Baer braking system. Either way, you add intense stopping power that can't be beat.

The high-friction compound in Baer Sport-Touring Brake Pads provides consistent performance power that you can depend on. Some of the fastest vehicles on and off the track trust their stopping power to Baer's high-quality products. Every time you step on the brakes you'll feel the difference that Baer brake pads make. Backed by a 2-year warranty.