B&M Transmission Pan (Cast Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan) | Jeep CJ - CJ5, 5.0L (304ci) V8 (1975-1981)

Vendor: B&M
SKU: 10280

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  • Keep your transmission running cool with a B&M Transmission Pan
  • Deep design provides extra fluid capacity for greater heat dissipation
  • Multiple cooling fins deliver continued operation and longevity
  • Available in cast aluminum or chrome-plated steel construction
  • Cast aluminum pans feature a CNC-machined mounting surface, bolts holes and ports
  • B&M Trans Pans are designed so no modifications are required to the dipstick
  • Drain plug included to make fluid changes less of a mess
  • Easy-to-follow instructions and mounting hardware help with DIY installation
  • Your B&M Transmission Pan carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty
Nothing kills your transmission faster than excessive heat. Whether you use your ride to race, tow or just live in a warmer climate, one of the best ways to help dissipate all that extra heat away from your transmission is with a B&M Trans Pan.

With a deep design that provides extra fluid capacity and multiple cooling fins for greater heat dissipation, these premium trans pans ensure your transmission enjoys a long-lasting lifespan. Crafted in cast aluminum with CNC-machined mounting surfaces, bolts holes and ports or show-quality chrome plated steel, a B&M Transmission Pan delivers boosted performance and looks good doing it.

Your B&M Transmission Pan includes a drain plug to make easy work of any subsequent fluid changes, along with easy-to-follow instructions, all necessary mounting hardware and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.