B&M Torkmaster Torque Converter (Tork Master 2000) | GMC C/K Pickup - V1500, automatic, THM400 transmission (1987)

Vendor: B&M
SKU: 20400

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  • Install a B&M Torkmaster Torque Converter and enjoy better acceleration through a higher stall speed
  • Allows your motor to develop more torque at the time of initial acceleration
  • Fitted with precision pump drive tubes that are pressure-tested, fully balanced and ready to go
  • Features factory-equipped needle bearings and a new thrust washer between turbine and cover
  • Requires a small bolt-pattern flexplate or dual-pattern flexplate for installation
  • Stall speed listings are based on engines producing 230 ft. lb. of torque at 2,500 rpm
  • Not recommended for big block or supercharged applications
  • Your B&M Torkmaster TC is backed by a 90-day limited warranty
Even though your street machine won’t be seeing any checkered flags in the near future, you’d like to think you could get off the line in a hurry – if you wanted to. With a high-stall performance B&M Torkmaster Torque Converter, not only will you enjoy a quicker launch, but you’ll leap off the line with greater torque.

These masterfully assembled converters include new pump drive tubes, factory-equipped needle bearings and sturdy thrust washers between your turbine and cover – all assured to last longer than stock components. Stall speed listings for this bad boy are based on motors generating 230 ft. lb. of torque at 2,500 rpm, which means more torque at those levels give you a greater-than-rated stall speed.

When it comes time to install, you need a small bolt-pattern flexplate or dual-pattern flexplate – then it shouldn’t take very long before you’re ready to rev. Your B&M Torkmaster TC is supported by a 90-day limited warranty.