B&M Street/Strip GM TH-400 Automatic Transmission (Street/Strip GM TH-400 Automatic Transmission) | Chevy Suburban - C20, automatic, 3-speed, THM400 transmission (1967-1986)

Vendor: B&M
SKU: 112002


  • The B&M TH-400 Transmission puts you in the fast lane to success – on the street or the dragstrip
  • High-performance friction plates applied to extend clutch life and reduce slippage
  • New thrust bearings and races reduce the possibility of lateral movement of components
  • Rebuilt front pump utilizes a top-quality pressure regulator spring and shims to build fuel pressure
  • Equipped with machined forward and direct pistons, an extra-wide direct drum bushing and modified kickdown band with welded anchors
  • Includes first and second gear ratios of 2.48:1 and 1.48:1
  • Fit for use with vehicles producing up to 600 hp and 550 ft-lbs of torque
  • For use with a large, 1.875” Spicer yoke for 2-wheel drive models
  • Has a 4” tailshaft and 7” separation on top bellhousing bolts
  • Your B&M Street/Strip GM TH-400 Automatic Transmission has a 90-day limited warranty
Whether you use it just to get back and forth from work, or getting across the dragstrip finish line ahead of everyone else, your vehicle deserves only the best. From withstanding those sky-high torque and hp outputs to providing firmer, seamless shifts, a replacement B&M Street/Strip GM TH-400 Automatic Transmission is the answer to every issue your OE machine might have had.

Your B&M TH-400 Transmission features brand-approved friction plates that won’t just improve performance, but ensure the clutches last longer due to the reduced slippage. B&M also swapped out the old intermediate roller clutches, thrust bearings and races to keep the various components from moving laterally and into a state of failure.

The front pump has been restructured to pick up the slack of that faltering factory pump, utilizing a high-end pressure regulator spring and shims to restore those fuel pressure levels. Additional modifications include machined forward and direct pistons and an extra-wide direct drum bushing that allows the rotating parts to ride true and on-center. With an impressive 600 hp top-out and 550 ft-lbs of torque, your B&M GM TH-400 Auto Transmission is covered by a 90-day limited warranty.