B&M Street/Strip Chrysler TF-727 Automatic Transmission (Automatic Transmission Assembly - Street/Strip Transmission - PN 112003) | Pontiac LeMans - LeMans, Base, 5.0L (305ci) V8 (1977)

Vendor: B&M
SKU: 112003

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  • Unleash the power in your performance vehicle with the B&M TF-727 Automatic Transmission
  • Can withstand up to 500 hp with 450 ft-lbs of torque from your Chrysler vehicle
  • Front pump rebuilt to B&M specs and valve body recalibrated for optimum fluid regulation
  • Four-pinion front carrier manufactured for strength and a longer service life
  • Low roller clutch energizes transmission of torque for superior performance
  • Upgraded friction plates handle the added load of your performance engine
  • B&M Auto Transmission has an 18.375” tailshaft and 6.5” separation on top bellhousing bolts
  • Brand-new Bellville spring, B&M 5.0 servo lever and five-clutch direct drum pick up OE slack
  • Your B&M Street/Strip Chrysler TF-727 Automatic Transmission is covered by a 90-day limited warranty
You take time to research how best to revamp that classic car sitting in your garage. Standard replacements just won’t cut it, no matter how quickly you can get them delivered and installed. That’s why you chose a recalibrated, remanufactured and redoubtable B&M Street/Strip Chrysler TF-727 Automatic Transmission.

The list of modifications goes on, but what better place to start than the friction plates. Replacing those faltering OE parts are high-performance components that can handle the increased load of your powerful engine. This in turn extends the clutch life for greater holding power and less slippage, resulting in superior gear operation. The front pump has been similarly rebuilt, and the valve body updated to B&M standards for ideal shift points and line pressure.

Every B&M TF727 Automatic Transmission also includes a rebuilt front pump, B&M 5.0 servo lever, 4-pinion front carrier, a new low roller clutch and a special Bellville spring. Guaranteed to stand the test, your B&M Street/Strip Chrysler TF-727 Automatic Transmission is supported by a 90-day limited warranty.