B&M QuikSilver Shifter (QuikSilver Shifter) | Pontiac GTO - Automatic, 3-speed, THM400 transmission (1966-1973)

Vendor: B&M
SKU: 80683

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  • Invest in a B&M QuikSilver Shifter and enjoy the combo of dependable action and platinum good looks
  • Delivers smooth ratcheting through the forward gears all the way to neutral
  • Lift the stick while in drive to access reverse and park, then lift again to move from park to forward gears
  • Features a stylish chrome stick, knob and top plate/housing
  • One-hand/one-step reverse lockout operation adheres to NHRA/IHRA specs
  • Also includes a backup light switch, neutral safety switch, illuminated gear indicator, 5’ shift cable and all necessary brackets and levers
  • Compatible with forward and reverse patterns
  • Dimensions measure 12.22”L x 12.23”H x 6.21”W
  • Your BM Quicksilver Shifter is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
There’s something about rowing through the transmission gears when you’re out chasing highway lines – you feel free and in charge, without a care in the world. But when your factory mechanism starts to falter, catch, snag or stiffen up, you need to swap it out – and not a moment too soon. Outfit your street machine with a B&M QuikSilver Shifter and enjoy the enhanced feel and response that comes with it.

Featuring a strong ratcheting action for positive shifts throughout the forward gears to neutral and plated – stick, knob and top plate – for a sharp look, this replacement shifter includes a one-hand/one-step reverse lockout operation that meets NHRA/IHRA requirements. To access reverse and park, just lift the stick while in drive, and to move from park to the forward gears, just lift the stick again.

The BM Quiksilver Shifter is fully equipped to make the installation process a cinch, and its service life a walk in the park. Its many features include a shifter base that can be trimmed to fit your interior’s specific contours, a backup light switch, neutral safety switch, illuminated gear indicator, a 5’ shift cable and every bracket and lever to fit your specific transmission application. Measuring 12.22”L x 12.23”H x 6.21”W, your B&M Quick Silver Shifter is supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.