Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer (Airaid PowerAid) | Ford F-250 6.4L Power Stroke (2008-2010)

Vendor: Airaid
SKU: 400-623


  • Your Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer is custom-designed for your specific engine
  • Its dynamic Helix Bore design generates a powerful swirl of oxygen that greatly enhances the air/fuel mixture for explosive combustion
  • Dyno-proven Helix bore design creates a high-velocity air intake "tornado" for optimized combustion air mixture
  • Bolts right between your intake manifold and throttle body in less than an hour
  • Straightforward installation uses simple household tools—perfect for the do-it-yourselfer
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware
  • Your Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer comes with a Lifetime Warranty
Put a new twist on your air intake and watch your power, torque and fuel economy spin to new heights of performance. The Airaid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer is custom-made to bolt-on to your vehicle in less than an hour.

The secret to the throttle body spacer is its dyno-proven Helix bore. The Helix bore creates high-velocity spin on the incoming air. This "tornado" mixes with the fuel and sends a superior atomized mixture all the way into the combustion chamber. The result: the PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer gives your engine low-end punch and better mileage.

The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for durability. Airaid includes all installation hardware and a Lifetime Warranty on your PowerAid Throttle Body Spacer.