aFe Exhaust Systems (Cat Back Exhaust - MACH Force XP Series) | Dodge Challenger - 6.4L Hemi (2011-2019)

Vendor: aFe
SKU: 49-32053

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  • aFe Exhaust Systems are custom built for your specific vehicle
  • Each kit uses mandrel-bent tubing to increase exhaust flow up to 36%, providing a noticeable increase in horsepower and torque
  • Keeps your rig's EGTs out of the red zone by efficiently venting exhaust heat
  • Features a low-restriction muffler design that boosts power and cranks out a burly performance tone
  • Select systems are available in corrosion-resistant, 409 stainless steel
  • Choose from various exhaust styles, depending on your ride
  • Includes high-quality band clamps for a leak-free seal
  • Easily installs directly to your vehicle's factory-exhaust mounting locations
  • Your aFe Exhaust System is backed by a 2-year warranty
Arm your urban assault vehicle with an aFe Exhaust System and junk your restrictive factory exhaust. aFe scraps that stock peashooter for this high-caliber system that extracts hot gasses from your engine with a vengeance. Large mandrel-bent tubing and low-restriction mufflers fire performance to higher levels all while keeping EGTs comfortably low.

Already famous for their cold-air intakes, aFe is no stranger to both gas and diesel performance. With the crosshairs set on your tailpipe, aFe Exhaust Systems lock and load your vehicle for wicked horsepower and torque gains. Choose from 409 stainless kits with corrosion-resistance that will ensure that it can endure the salty & wet conditions. Or, stay within your budget while standing out from the crowd with an aluminized steel kit. Regardless of which kit you choose, you're sure to love the extra power and attitude aFe exhaust systems give your ride. Best of all, aFe Exhaust System are backed by a 2-year warranty.