AEM Induction AEM DryFlow Air Filters | Mazda B-Series 3.0L V6 (1998-2008)

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  • For enhanced performance and easy maintenance, upgrade to an AEM DryFlow Air Filter
  • Custom sized for a direct fit on your year, make and model
  • Designed in collaboration with K&N, drawing on their expertise to create a cutting-edge oil-free filter
  • Low airflow restriction plus a high filtration factor equals a big boost in horsepower, torque and engine protection
  • Made from a single layer of polyester synthetic material supported by an internal nylon-reinforced cage
  • Plunging pleats—up to a .25” deeper than the competition—maximize surface area for less restriction and more flow
  • Runs up to 50,000 miles before it needs cleaning
  • Simple to service using AEM Dry Flow Filter Cleaner or a mild detergent
  • AEM DryFlow Air Filters are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty
When you're pumping black gold out of the ground, you can never have enough. But when you're trying to re-oil your cotton gauze air filter, you always end up with too much. Cut the crude out of your intake system by switching over to an AEM DryFlow Air Filter. Born from collaboration between AEM and K&N, the DryFlow Filter works like a traditional oiled cotton gauze filter without any of the messy maintenance hassles.

Once you pop in an AEM DryFlow, prepare yourself for the ride of your life. Its single layer of polyester synthetic filter material features pleats that are .25" deeper than most performance filters, creating more surface area for more air to flow through—and more air for your engine to convert into horsepower and torque. Plus, the polyester fibers trap more gunk than traditional oiled filters, so the oxygen rushing into your motor is clean, safe and ready to combust.

Custom designed for a direct replacement fit, your AEM DryFlow Filter sits perfectly inside your airbox with no modding needed. And, you can forget about it for up to 50,000 miles before it needs servicing. Better still, every AEM Dry Flow Filter is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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