ACT Xtreme Race Clutch Kits (Sprung Clutch Kit) | Toyota Corolla 1.8L 4-cyl (1980-2013)

Vendor: ACT

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  • Get extreme on the strip and boost track action with the ACT Xtreme Race Clutch Kit
  • Increases torque capacity by 120%
  • Perfect for high-horsepower street and racing use
  • Recommended for vehicles with major mods, high boost or 100+ HP nitrous
  • Moderate-to-stiff pedal, aggressive engagement, stock-to-moderate gear rattle
  • Designed to keep up with high-performance engines
  • Includes ACT’s Xtreme Pressure Plate and one of five race discs (depends on model)
  • ACT Xtreme Pressure Plate:

    •50-120% increase in clamp load
    •Moderate-to-stiff pedal feel
    •Recommended disc: street or race
  • 4-Pad, Spring-centered Disc (G4):

    •Recommended for drag and road racing
    •Increased torque capacity
    •Fastest shifts, low inertia
    •Good durability, but shortened spline life
    •Harsh engagement, chatter and gear noise
  • 6-Pad, Spring-centered Disc (G6):

    •ACT’s most popular race spring-centered disc
    •Recommended for road racing and high-powered street racing
    •Increased torque capacity and spline life
    •Great durability and good spline life
    •Quiet operation, reduced driveline shock
    •Harsh engagement, chatter
  • 4-Pad, Rigid-hub Disc (R4):

    •Recommended for drag and road racing
    •Increased torque capacity
    •Fastest shifts, low inertia
    •Good durability, but shortened spline life
    •Harsh engagement, chatter and gear noise
  • 6-Pad, Rigid-hub Disc (R6):

    •Increased torque capacity
    •Faster shifts, reduced inertia
    •Good durability, but shortened spline life
    •Absorbs more heat than a 4-pad disc
    •Harsh engagement, chatter and gear noise
  • Sintered Iron Disc:

    •Recommended for clutchless shifting
    •For use with drag race transmissions only
    •Very high torque capacity
    •Extremely durable and heavy
    •Harsh engagement, chatter and gear noise
No environment on the planet puts equipment to the test and under the most extreme conditions imaginable, like the racetrack does. Breakage and failure are the norm, and only the extreme survive. So, set your extreme machine up for survival with the Xtreme Race Clutch Kit. Built for aggressive engagement and a long life, the ACT Xtreme clutch kit boosts clutch torque capacity by up to 120% and delivers the extreme performance it takes to survive—and conquer—the track.

It takes an extreme combo of extreme components to transmit all that horsepower to tarmac. So the backbone of every ACT Xtreme racing clutch is the Xtreme Pressure Plate. This serious race plate increases clamp load by 50-120% with a moderate-to-stiff pedal. The plate is then mated to one of five race-only discs. Each combo is carefully calculated to deliver optimal race performance, aggressive engagement and stock-level to low-to-moderate gear rattle.

Found on racetracks and in winners circles around the world, ACT is the leading race clutch and flywheel manufacturer for sport compact and performance motoring. ACT has built a reputation with racers on the street, strip, road and track who understand that the ACT eXtreme race clutch kit is their ticket to the checkered flag. And to extend that confidence to you, ACT backs your Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with a 90-day warranty.